We are a national, physician-owned medical group providing physical and mental healthcare for patients in skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities

What we believe in

Our values

Relationship focused

Listen to Understand

We listen to our partners to understand their needs and address them together

Build Trust through Consistency & Commitment

We earn our partners’ trust every day through our commitment to providing clinical excellence and professionalism.

Communicate and Collaborate

We deliver the best of CRC by consistently communicating, collaborating and sharing knowledge and information with partners and colleagues.

Sense of community

Share Success

We support each other's goals and celebrate each other’s successes.

Seek Input from Others

We foster inclusion and embrace diversity in all its forms, and firmly believe that different perspectives create better outcomes and learning opportunities.

Have Fun

Life is too short to not have fun! We work hard together and have fun together too!

Empathy & compassion

Create Individual Connection

We treat partners, colleagues, and patients as people first, by listening to and supporting them.

Deliver Holistic Care

We integrate knowledge, experience and understanding of our patients to provide excellent, holistic care.

Put Others First

We put our partners, colleagues, and patients first. We work without ego, and don’t take things personally and aim to achieve the best outcome for our patients.

Continuous improvement

Be Open and Honest

We share and receive feedback openly and honestly, recognizing that we all have a voice in creating the best possible environment for ourselves, our partners, colleagues, and patients.

Be a Lifelong Learner

We focus on our personal and professional growth every day, growing with every challenge, seeking out opportunities to gain knowledge, and share what we’ve learned with others.

Embrace Change & Growth

We encourage colleagues to be creative, curious and open to new ideas and better ways of doing things. Be excited about the possibilities change and growth can bring.


What our clinicians have to say about working at CRC

One of my most positive experiences within the company is the consistent positive feedback and support from the team that has helped shape me into the provider I am today.

One of my most positive experiences within the company is the consistent positive feedback and support from the team that has helped shape me into the provider I am today. CRC displays a positive-innovative culture by being built around strong leadership, employee autonomy, trusting environments, collaborations, and diversity - which leads to success and growth of CRC as well as making CRC a great place to work!



This by far has been the best company I've ever worked for!

When I had a concern with one of my facilities, CRC/Dr. Osman and Rehan were right there to set up a meeting to address the concern. I have the opportunity to earn bonuses and I feel celebrated when I accomplish things professionally and on special days such as my work anniversary and birthday. My regional manager is awesome! She checks in and is available when I have quick questions. I feel blessed to be a part of this team.



Since graduating from my MSN program I would talk with my husband about my “dream role”

That dream included a leadership team that was approachable, transparent, and supportive of the individual needs of their employees. Having worked in multiple healthcare arenas I knew the chances of finding all of those qualities in one place were slim to none…and then I met the leadership at CRC.  

CRC has provided a safe and positive place for me to grow as a provider and expert in PM&R. The extensive onboarding and continued educational support has offered me the opportunity to master the day to day clinician responsibilities as well as continued education with monthly didactic reviews and weekly clinical PEARLs.  

Dr. Osman and Rehan have promoted growth opportunities to allow for leadership roles as well as supporting the need for work life balance and mental health. Most importantly, CRC has developed a community of peers that are able to learn together and support each other all  while allowing us to do what we love. CRC is changing the way we experience post acute care at the patient level and I could not be more proud to be a part of it!



I love working for CRC because the leadership guides the company true to its mission and value statements.

It is so exciting to see and live through the continuous growth both in the services we provide and the number of patients we serve. I love working for CRC because no matter what the situation is, I never face the problem alone.

Communication at all levels is always available. In short, I believe the leaders of CRC are brilliant and trustworthy. I love working for CRC because CRC respects and cares for us as clinicians.



Making the jump from an established career path into a whole new direction was scary for me.

However, CRC has by far been the best company I have worked for as a provider! The leadership has a constant presence and availability, which is so rare in today's world. It truly is a breath of fresh air.

I would honestly say it would be hard to pick a specific positive experience with the company, because all my experiences have been positive! Working here has been such a blessing for both myself and my family.

The flexibility of my schedule, the leadership presence, and the positive culture within the company has allowed me to grow as a person and as a provider. Everyone supports each other, allowing individuals to grow, which makes the company better as a whole. I have learned that sometimes a blind leap of faith leads you to bigger and better things!



Benefits and perks

A culture to do the best work of your career, grow as a clinician, be treated with respect and integrity, all while making a true difference in the lives of the geriatric population

Competitive salaries and quarterly bonuses
Medical, dental, vision, short-term disability & 401K contributions
Generous paid and unpaid time off
Flexible work-life balance and schedules
Medical scribe and RN included to assist with documentation
Tech package includes iPad, RX Pads and Figs Scrubs
Team offsites, dinners and culture building activities
Opportunity for career growth & manage clinical teams
Join a growing team of talented folks

Start doing work that matters

The future of health care relies on the brightest minds and the biggest hearts. Join CRC and be part of the team building tomorrow's healthcare.

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