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Comprehensive Rehab Consultants (CRC) is one of the country’s largest specialty care providers to skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Partnering with CRC allows your facility to have its own dedicated clinicians for Physiatry, Psychiatry and a myriad of other support services

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Future of specialty care in nursing homes*


4 or 5-star reviews from SNF leaders


decrease in major falls with injury


decrease in Moderate / Severe Pain


decline in re-hospitalizations after SNF admission

*Calculated as change within 1 year of CRC clinicians providing regular services to facility

Zero cost

Skilled nursing facilties

We provide specialty care services with clinicians in your facility at zero cost to you

Improvement in rehab and psychiatric related quality measures

Faster, safer discharge with specialty follow up

Reliable and consistent visits with set times and in house program schedule

Attendance at weekly Medicare / insurance / PDPM and monthly GDR meetings

Clinical documentation to help support therapy, audits, surveys and CMI

Reduction in readmission rates and ED Visits

Increased patient and family satisfaction

No impact to your facility and primary care billing

Why skilled nursing facilities choose us

Exclusive dedication to rehabilitation

Our clinicians' goals are to improve patient quality of life - nurses, and physical, occupational, and speech therapists

Faster, safer discharge

With regularly scheduled patient visits, we ensure functional status is appropriate and monitor any barriers to discharge

Increased patient satisfaction

CRC increases patient satisfaction by decreasing pain scores, lowering the average length of stay, and directly communicating with patients and family


Allows facilities to market a "Physician-Led Rehab Program", providing differentiation in clinical quality compared to competitors

Increased family satisfaction

We value family involvement and regularly meet with family members regarding their loved one's rehab process and discharge prognosis

No overlap with medical care

Billing codes are distinct from a facility's medical, psychological or therapy providers, and we can bill the same day as primary care without conflict

Pain/opioid management

We manage and wean pain control medication as well as conduct bedside injections

Reduction in patient falls

Our increased clinician screenings are more likely to detect mobility issues and enable initiation of fall prevention strategies

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about CRC

How much does CRC cost our facility?

CRC provides its services at NO COST to your facility. In addition, it has no impact on facility billings. Like all other clinicians, we bill insurances directly under professional (“Part B”) medical services. Our services to patients are covered by patient insurance. The facility’s billings are under facility (“Part A”) services.

What kind of clinicians does CRC provide?

Our team is composed of Medical Assistants, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Physicians, Psychiatrists and Physiatrists.

How do you collaborate and work with Primary Care Physicians?

Our clinicians are here to collaborate with and not replace your PCPs. Any medical issues and changes are always first presented to the PCP. We have specific communication and emotional intelligence training for our clinicians that help them understand their role as a consultant. We help alleviate from PCPs the large responsibility given to them as the sole provider in the SNF and conduct many of the non-billable patient management activities that PCPs often do not have the time for.

I thought Physiatrists were for Inpatient Rehab Facilities only?

Traditionally physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors (i.e., physiatrists) have been associated with Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRFs), where they are required to be on staff. However, with the push down of acuity to SNFs and increasing medical complexity in their rehab patients, having a physiatry presence at a nursing facility that collaborates with the rehab team is proven by medical studies and literature to improve clinical outcomes.

Do you see all of our patients? Do you accept all insurances?

Yes we see all of your patients and accept all insurances including Medicaid and Medicare!

How long would it take to onboard your services in my facility?

Our onboarding process takes 4-6 weeks from when we decide to partner to when our clinicians begin seeing patients in your facility.

Would this service help with our staffing crisis?

Absolutely! Our clinicians will help provide an elevated level of care for your patients. Our clinicians, at the request of home leadership, can decrease the burden of time-consuming patient management activities required of PCPs by conducting monthly RCA’s (root cause analysis), attending Medicare meetings, family care meetings, QAPIs and speaking with insurance on peer to peer appeals. Having an in-person medical presence with regular times and a reliable schedule not only provides more staff but also helps improve care and staff morale and retention.

Will this program help with compliance?

Our collaboration with SNFs and our strong clinical documentation helps with risk reduction and enhanced audit defense as well as improving your CMI.


Most major insurance plans are accepted


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